Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Martin Robinson and the Trivium

I recently wrote to Martin Robinson. I admire his work on The Trivium.

HI there
My name is Barbara Cavanagh and I am the foundation principal of Albany Senior High School.
Over the last year we have engaged enthusiastically with your book   The Trivium.  Our enthusiasm comes of course because we agree with you.
We are a relatively new school and have had the opportunity to do things differently.  Our students engage in specialist subjects for part of the week , tutorials for part of the week and then they do a full  day of project work on a Wednesday,
That means that the students get a balance of teacher led time and time to follow their  passions and interests.
Currently we are looking closely at the learning model   grammar, dialectic and rhetoric  and trying to come up with a design that both teachers and students can engage with.
Do you know of any school that has done that already ?  Might make things easier for us.  I will send you what we come up with.
Thank you so much for your Inspiration.  There has been very healthy discussion here and it continues. What we can all see of course is that it is the dialectic that so often gets missed in an exam driven curriculum and it is the dialectic that is crucial for nurturing critical citizens.
Best wishes for your ongoing work.
I have been following your blog and continue to be inspired by you
Barbara Cavanagh 

And this was his reply

Hi Barbara,

How lovely to hear from you, It is gratifying to hear you are getting so much out of my book! 

As to your questions you might be interested in having a look at the forthcoming book 'Trivium in Practice', where some people who are trying things out with the trivium have written about their work:

I also work with schools on developing their practice, pedagogy and curricula, if you are interested in discussing this as a possibility please do get in touch as I can then share with you what others are doing as well as developing a relationship with your school in order to help you work on your trivium shaped curriculum.

I am also developing a course called 'History of Thought' and I have attached a couple of leaflets for your perusal.

Best wishes,


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  1. Hi Barbara,
    I read Tom Sherrington's blog Headguruteacher. He's head teacher at Highbury Grove in London and a strong proponent of the Trivium. Check out some of his blog posts

    Michal Denny